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Jungle Island

Jungle Island, previously known as Parrot Jungle, is an interactive zoological park located on Watson Island in Miami, Florida. It has undergone significant transformations since its founding in 1936, evolving from a traditional zoological garden into a vibrant eco-adventure park that offers visitors a unique blend of wildlife experiences and adventure activities.

History and Evolution

Early Days

Originally opened in 1936 in a different location, Jungle Island began as Parrot Jungle, a park that showcased tropical birds in their natural habitat. The park was known for its lush, tropical landscaping and the famous “Parrot Bowl,” where colorful birds performed tricks to the delight of visitors.

Relocation and Rebranding

In 2003, the park relocated to Watson Island and was renamed Jungle Island. The new location offered expanded facilities and allowed for a broader range of attractions beyond avian displays, including mammals, reptiles, and a variety of other wildlife.

Attractions and Features

Animal Exhibits

Jungle Island hosts a variety of animal exhibits that highlight both exotic and native species. Key attractions include:

  • Lemur Experience: One of the most popular exhibits, where visitors can interact closely with playful lemurs in a supervised setting.
  • Flamingo Lake: Home to a beautiful flock of flamingos that roam freely around the water.
  • Sloth Encounter: Provides a unique opportunity for visitors to get up-close with these slow-moving creatures.

Shows and Demonstrations

The park features engaging animal shows and educational demonstrations that emphasize conservation and wildlife education:

  • Winged Wonders: A show that features some of the world’s most impressive birds, including Andean condors and cassowaries.
  • Wild Encounter: Offers insights into the behaviors of Jungle Island’s most fascinating animals, including big cats and primates.

Adventure Experiences

Apart from traditional zoo exhibits, Jungle Island offers adventure activities that appeal to thrill-seekers:

  • Aerial Adventure Courses: High ropes courses that challenge visitors to navigate through obstacles suspended in the trees.
  • SuperFlight: An outdoor wind tunnel where participants can experience the sensation of free-fall without jumping from an airplane.

Educational and Conservation Initiatives

Educational Programs

Jungle Island is committed to educational outreach and offers programs tailored to students and families. These programs focus on teaching participants about wildlife conservation, the natural habitats of the park’s animals, and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Conservation Efforts

The park participates in global conservation efforts and runs several initiatives aimed at the preservation of endangered species. Through partnerships with conservation organizations, Jungle Island contributes to the research and recovery of various animal populations.

Visitor Experience


Jungle Island provides a range of amenities to enhance the visitor experience, including dining options that range from snacks to full meals, souvenir shops, and picnic areas.


The park is designed to be accessible for visitors of all ages and abilities, with pathways that are easy to navigate and viewing areas that accommodate everyone.


Jungle Island offers a unique mix of educational wildlife exhibits, thrilling adventure activities, and a commitment to conservation, making it a standout attraction in Miami. Whether visitors are animal lovers, thrill-seekers, or families looking for a fun day out, Jungle Island provides an engaging and educational experience that connects people with nature in the heart of one of America’s most vibrant cities.

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